Recherches | Alessia Rita Vitale


université d'Helsinki

Research areas :

- Systematic study of the human voice ;

- Communication aptitude based on vocal gesture ;

- Gesture and temporality ;

- Modalities of the transmission and learning processes of the voice and by the voice ;

- Studies of the psycho-dynamics underlying the learning processes of singing;

- Study of the singing lesson ;

- Analysis of the improvements in the learning processes of singing ;

- Phenomenology of the improvements in the learning processes of singing.

- The relation voice-gestures-memories;

- The relation voice-body-unconscious ;

- The study of reparation dynamics in the practice of study of the voice.

- Phenomenology of the instrument-voix* ;

- Comparative study of the learning process dynamics of speech and those of singing ;

- Singing and dyslexia ;

- Vocal stages.

- Comparative pedagogies of different musical instruments ;

- Study of the master-student dyad ;

- Parallels between the learning processes of singing and those of dancing.

- The origin of human music ;

- From the vocal gesture to the writing of music : the process at the basis of the passage from an oral musical culture to the advent of written music in the Occident : a psychological approach ;

- Analysis of the evolution and exegesis of the interdependence of oral and written music.

New contributions to research :

The work of Alessia Vitale has brought to scientific research, among other themes

- A new methodological and epistemological paradigm situated at the intersection of the social sciences, presented and tested in her research (Vitale 2007c, 2008a, 2009) ;

- The creation of a vocabulary making it possible to detail and to study vocal gestures (Vitale 2004, 2007b, 2008a, 2009) ;

- The creation of a new glossary which has allowed the definition of key concepts such as the “instrument-voix”, a concept which is basic to the study of the unique specificities of the voice used and studied as a musical instrument (2007b ; 2007c ; 2008a ; 2009) ;

- The phenomenological analysis of the instrument-voix (2007 ; 2009);

- The epistomological reconstruction of the psycho-dynamics underlying the learning processes of singing (new research) (2007; 2008; 2009 ) ;

- A detailed study of the singing lesson seen with the ontological value of a physical and psychic space (2007c ; 2008 ; 2009) ;

- The comparative pedagogy of the dynamics underlying the learning processes of the instrument-voix, of singing, and those of other musical instruments.(2007c ; 2009) ;

- A systematic study of the phenomenology of the learning processes of the human voice and by the human voice using an interdisciplinary approach and transversal methods (1997-2007) ;

- The theorisation of a sequential didactic model in the singing lesson (2007 ; 2009) ;

- A new hypothesis concerning reparation processes – in the psychoanalytical sense – occurring within the dynamics of the study of singing (2007 ; 2008 ; 2009).

* Cf Vitale 2007b for the creation and definition of the concept of the instrument-voix.

clinic observation of a singing lesson

Paris place de la Sorbonne

at the Sorbonne's library